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Filters, Pneumatic Pressure rating 20bar Mat, body STAINLESS STEEL 316 Micron rating 5µm Mat, filter STAINLESS STEEL 316 Connection, process 1 in NPT Manufacturer MIDLAND-ACS Manufacturer model number 8FLMSV202 Additional information WITH MANUAL DRAIN Equip name PNEUMATIC ACTUATORS LS-SOV PNEUM ACTUATORS LS-SOV Equip model ALGAS#18C-9600-935-CL AS TO FLARE ALGAS#6C-2500-535-CL ALGAS#18C-9800-1200-CL Supplier name BIFFI ITALIA Supplier part number 8850410455 Serial number V07/2922-001-001 071740G07001 071620G74001 071621G47001 071620G48001 071620G47001 071620G84001 071620G83001 071621G46001 071620G82001 071621G45001 071620G46001 071620G04001 071620G80001 071620G86001 071620G03001 071620G01001 071620G02001 071621G4001 071621G41001 071620G06001 071620G11001 071620G87001 071620G85001 071620G05001 Drawing/Pos number 8850410455 8850410445