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Valves, Gate Nominal size 6 in Design spec, f to f (e to e) ANSI B16.1 Length, f to f (e to e) 10.5 in Type of end connection FLANGED Type of closure member RESILIENT WEDGE Type of construction OUTSIDE SCREW AND YOKE Type of bonnet/cover BOLTED Mat, body DUCTILE IRON Mat, trim Rubber Encapsulated Cast Iron Mat spec, body ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12 Mat spec, bonnet ASTM A536 GRADE 65-45-12 Mat spec, closure member ASTM A126 CL.B Mat,Retaining Nut CARBON STEEL E COATED Mat Spec,Retaining Nut ASTM A36 Mat,Hand Wheel DUCTILE IRON Mat Spec,Hand wheel ASTM A536 GRADE 65-45-12 Mat,Washer BRASS Mat Spec,Washer ASTM B36 Mat,Bush Nut BRASS Mat Spec,Bush Nut ASTM B16 Mat,Gland Nut SILICON BRONZE Mat Spec,Gland Nut ASTM B98 Mat,Packing Gland DUCTILE IRON Mat Spec,Packing Gland ASTM A536 GRADE 65-45-12 Mat,Gland Bolt STAINLESS STEEL 304 Mat, bolts/studs STAINLESS STEEL 304 Mat, Stem Packing LUBRICATED FLAX Mat, GUIDE CAP BEARINGS ACETYL Mat, BONNET O-RING SBR Mat spec, BONNET O-RING ASTM D2000 Mat, stem STAINLESS STEEL 431 Mat, bonnet DUCTILE IRON Mat, Yoke DUCTILE IRON Mat spec, Yoke ASTM A536 GRADE 65-45-12 Mat, Oring NITRILE Mat spec, Oring ASTM D2000 Mat, DISC NUT DUCTILE IRON E COATED Mat spec, DISC NUT ASTM A536 GRADE 65-45-12 Mat, STEM NUT PIN STAINLESS STEEL 303 Manufacturer MUELLER CO Manufacturer Model number R-2365-6 Additional Information PCD: 11.75 in POS:Y-1 RETAINING NUT POS:Y-3 HAND WHEEL POS:Y-4 WASHER POS:Y-5 BUSH NUT POS:Y-7 GLAND NUT POS:Y-8 PACKING GLAND POS:Y-10 GLAND BOLT POS:Y-16 BONNET BOLTS & NUTS POS:Y-23 STEM PACKING POS:Y-206 GUIDE CAP BEARINGS POS:Y-209 WEDGE POS:Y-211 BONNET O-RING POS:Y-212 BODY POS:Y-213 STEM POS:Y-214 BONNET & YOKE POS:Y-217 O-RING POS:Y-218 DISC NUT POS:Y-219 STEM NUT PIN NOTE: FLANGED ENDS HAVE 125LB AMERICAN STANDARD END FLANGE DRILLING FULLY ENCAPSULATED IN MOLDED RUBBER WITH NO IRON EXPOSED FOR FIRE HYDRANT CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY UL/FM CERTIFICATE FOR TYPE TESTING OF THIS VALVE REQUIRED ALL SHELL FIRE SERVICE VALVED PAINTING SHOULD BE RAL 3002 SPEC.