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Valve,Control Size,Valve 20 mm Type SINGLE ELEMENT Material,Housing STEEL (3/4 in & 1 in CM                               AND 1.1/2 in CF ) Connection,Port THREADED NPT TO USAS B2.1 Control temperature 120 °F                               ,,( 3.1 MATERIAL CERTIFICATE)” Manufacturer AMOT CONTROLS Manufacture Name AMOT MESC code 6083970499 Equip name TEMP CONTROL VALVE 3/4" NPT 5.5BAR LUBE OIL SKID 5.5BAR TEMPERATURE CONTROL VALVE 5.5BAR Equip model AMOT CMST12001-0-AZA 25H-0-EN0-TTE-M20-2DC-00-3H CMST12001-0-AZA Serial number P18232 062TCV -10356 062TCV -10416 062TCV -10456 062TCV -10436 062TCV -10316 062TCV -10376 P18234 062TCV -10336 P18236 P18230 062TCV -10396 P18231 P18233 P18235 P18237 Drawing/Pos number T-4083006/15 T-4083006/243 T-4083250